My Experience with Sexual Harassment (Part 2)

Walk A Mile in My Babouches

I get stares and catcalls. I have also been followed. Sometimes, these stares and catcalls can become physical, with people trying to grab or touch me. In my site, the majority of the harassment comes from strangers who don’t know me. Fortunately, since being in my site for more than year, I’ve noticed a significant decrease in the amount of harassment I experience than when I first got there in April of last year. However, not all volunteers are as fortunate.

Below, I’ve decided to loosely categorize some of the different forms of harassment volunteers experience on a daily basis:

There’s the:

Drive-By Catcaller: The guy who walks past you and says something just under his breath so that only you can hear or the guy who decides to yell something at you while he rides quickly past on his bike or car. Or even, the guy who makes…

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